Chania, a lovely city in Greece you should not miss

Chania, a lovely city in Greece you should not miss

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Chania is the second largest city of Crete. Chania lies in North-West of Crete. Most people come to Crete has never miss out Chania. An old city with many popular history and sight-seeing. Namely, the two most popular beaches in Chania are Elafonisi and Balos. Greece is hot in April-October period. Therefore, the beaches are the best destination to go if you want to travel to Chania in Crete during this time. Beside beaches, the food near the beaches have its own taste. Some of the food are sea food and fish shoups. Two most important things to remember in any travel trips are food and the sight. In this post we will focus on the sights, especially, the beautiful sights on the two beaches.

Elafonisi beautiful beach in the hot summer

Chania is a rare city consist of two civilizations at the same time, the old town and the modern city which is larger than the old one. In the old town near the Elafonisi beach, people usually enjoy visiting the harbour which is a part of history. The harbour used to be besieged and surrounded during WWII. This place is heavily bomb in that time. However, the people of Greece is so strong so they rebuild everything by the hand. However, it hit the economy hard enough that Greece owned a lot of money in EU today. The heart of beauty lies in the church near the Elafonisi beach. This church has been a symbol of faith in the Greece religion. Also, uphold the mission being a lighthouse that guide many ships around the harbour. This church withstand many events in the history. Today, the church light house is still be a church and a lighthouse. However, it is more a church now since the light function on top of the church is obsolete. That is why no people in Chania Crete do not know of this church. They were born and baptism under the light of this lighthouse church. This church has a special food call Dakos which is made of tomatoes and feta cheese.

A beautiful church near Elafonisi beach

Another part of Chania in Crete is the modern city. Balos is the beach lies in the modern city of Chania. Although, this is call the modern city, there are some sights of the history on the housing and culture of people living here. Nea Hora which is a developing city is the represent of this picture.

Belos beach

The old town or the modern city. They all have its own beaches. In the summer, I hope you enjoy everything in Greece. And remember that do not forget to try out the sea food in Greece. That is the best thing for a travelers.

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