Crete Island – the best place to visit for any holiday

Crete Island – the best place to visit for any holiday

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According to theguardian, Greek island Crete is an amazing and distinctive place for holiday travel. Crete island is a must visit for anyone who travel to Greek. Local loves Crete, they go to Crete would visit Crete for a holiday once in the year.

Crete is the largest island in Greek. It has almost everything from the view to the landscape. The island is located furthest south of the country. However, Crete has its own taste and culture. The atmosphere here is unique. You will never find the same in Greek. Crete has almost everything of an old city such as museums and main entry point. Islands and mountains lay in the far east of the main city. From there, travelers can enjoy great moment with friends and family. From luxury hotels to normal hotels, Crete has everything for the taste of different travelers. However, beware of the normal hotels here. Some nomad can not stand living in the classy of this city.

Image. Classic hotel in Crete

It gives the travelers the creep of an old era. Nevertheless, some travelers enjoy living in those hotels. They give around 3/5 stars for those hotels at an average. In the opinion of the guardian, those hotel are really the spirit of Crete. You can not deny the classic and modern in an old and historic place like this. We can just take it for granted that the service and the food in the classic hotel are actually better than the luxury one. Most of the travelers complain that, they do not enjoy the food at the luxury hotels compared to the classic one.

Street food in Crete is rare and do not have any special. However, traditional food is a plus here. Most of the traditional food have a very special recipe and the taste mostly salty and sea taste. Some of the food include bread and vegetables.  Traditional Cretan foods always fascinate a traveler come here for the food.

To prepare for Crete travels here is some to do list:

1 Be flexible, plan and prepare carefully for a Crete trip and do not delay, patience is a must for any traveling trip.

2 Local language, says “Chaírete” for hello in Greek, knowing some local language may help you increase the friendliness of the trip.

3 Choose outfit, choosing an outfit carefully for a Crete trip.

That is some of the advice not just for Crete travel trip but for most of the trip you can go. Any adventure require preparations. And remember enjoy your Crete trip on budget. Do not forget to take some beautiful shots from Crete.

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