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Honey puff s
( Loukoumades )

There are several ways of making these, with or without yeast. I am indebted for this simplest of recipes to our oldest friend on Santorini, Mrs Irini Zagourari, of Irini’s Taverna in Kamari.
Plain flour, pinch salt,
2 cups (16 fl oz/450 ml) bee

Mix together the beer with enough flour and a pinch of salt to form a very thick cream. Cover and leave to stand for 30 minutes. Bubbles should have formed on the surface and the mixture should have increased visibly in volume. Now drop tablespoons into very hot oil and fry to golden brown – the loukoum√°des will puff up considerably during frying.
Drain on kitchen paper and serve immediately with a honey syrup – made by warming together 1 cup (12 fl oz/370 ml) of honey with 1/2 cup (4 fl oz/100 ml) oil water and the juice of one lemon – poured over them. Dredge with cinnamon.

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